Resident Academic Scholarship

The annual Balfour Beatty Communities Foundation scholarship program is officially open to applications! Anyone residing at a BBC-owned and managed property who plans to attend an accredited educational/technical institution for the 2018/2019 term (that includes you, your spouse and your children!) is eligible to apply. Visit for more information and to complete...


Outdoor Winter Watering Schedule

Please refer to the winter watering schedule in Community Schedule. Need 1” of moisture depth in the soil. Typically requires watering once per week for 20-30 minutes. Remove hoses connected to outdoor faucets during a freeze to avoid pipe breakage inside outer walls.

Cold Weather Procedures

Your safety and comfort are important to us. Please take the following precautions to prevent damage to the home. Remember, damage is always more costly than prevention. 1. Leave all sink faucets dripping when temperatures are below freezing, make sure stoppers are removed. 2. If you have pipes running through any cabinets or closets, please open the doors to allow heat into them when...

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