Yard of The Month

Congratulations to the residents of 7734 B Cherry Loop for winning August Yard of The Month! Our next yard contest will be in December to see who has the most Holiday Spirit! You do not have to enter to win, BBC will choose yards to be entered. Good Luck :)

Resident Academic Scholarship

The annual Balfour Beatty Communities Foundation scholarship program is officially open to applications! Anyone residing at a BBC-owned and managed property who plans to attend an accredited educational/technical institution for the 2018/2019 term (that includes you, your spouse and your children!) is eligible to apply. Visit www.bbcommunitiesfoundation.org for more information and to complete...


Outdoor Summer Watering Schedule

Please refer to the summer watering schedule in Community Schedule. Need 1.5-2” of moisture depth in the soil. Typically requires watering once per week for 20-30 minutes. Ideal watering times are st dawn and dusk to avoid high temperatures and the direst sunlight which can "cook" the grass when wet.

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