Wait List

You will be placed on a wait list and contacted directly when a home becomes available once your application has been processed for elgiblility.

Please note that a complete housing application accompanied by all required documents must be received in order for us to place you on the wait list. No one can be offered a home until all supporting documentation is received.

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Please be aware that this position is the actual position you are on the waitlist. With that being said, people listed above you could have their availibility date after yours so you could be offered a home before them. For a more accurate position, please call our office! 575-784-7141

Housing Assignment

Once a home is available, the Waitlist Coordinator will contact you with a home offer via the contact information provided on the application. If any contact information should change during this process, please contact the Management Office with these updates.

If the applicant, spouse, or unit does not respond within 2 business days of initial contact, the offer will be considered declined. After 2 declines due to no response, you will be removed from the wait list due to non-contact.

After working with a Resident Specialist, you will have two business days to respond back. We will allow you to remain on the wait list until you decline two separate home offers and then you will be placed at the bottom of the waitlist.

For more information, please contact the Management Office.