Community Schedule

Lawn Care:

  • Monday- Thursday Loop, Kingpin Loop, Carpetbagger Loop, Republic, Anaconda, Ranger, Rhino, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania Rhode Island, New Jersey, Lime, Cherry, Moccasin 
  • Tuesday- Raider, Safari, Spear, Invader, Jaguar, Knife, Vermont, Connecticut, Maryland, Nebraska, Portales
  • Wednesday- Arkansas, Wisonsin, Hawaii, Alaska, Indiana, Beatle, Chain, Credible, Courier, Ratchet, Apple, Peach, Chariot Loop, Spirit
  • Thursday- Desert Storm, Shadow, Blackbird, Delaware, Kentucky, Melrose, Dakota, California, Michigan, Clovis, Wyoming, Banana 


  • Zone 1-Air Commando Village & Joe Cannon North (Republic, Kingpin, Thursday, Carpetbagger)  
  • Zone 2-Chavez North & Chavez South (Chariot, Spirit, Lime, Apple, Cherry, Ratchet, Moccasin, Knife, Jaguar) 
  • Zone 3- Chavez West (All state streets) 



*    Bulk Trash will be taken the 2nd and 4th week of the month on your scheduled trash day! 


Trash & Recycling Day Information

Trash cans and recycling bins should be placed curbside no earlier than 7:00 a.m. the day trash is picked up. 

The following items will not be picked up for recycling: 

-plastics other than #1 or #2. Plastic bags (Plastics with milk or tabacco spit in them)
-cereal or soda boxes

Recycling Information List

Bulk Trash Information

Bulk trash refers to items that are too large or bulky for normal refuse containers. These items include: furniture, mattresses, barbecue grills, etc. Items may be placed curbside for pickup no earlier than 7:00 a.m. the day trash is scheduled.

Lawn Care Information

Front yard lawn services will be completed at all houses. Be sure to remove any items from your lawn by 7:00 a.m. on day of service, including: sprinklers, toys, bikes, and lawn furniture on the scheduled day in order for the landscapers to properly care for your lawn. Please refer to the Outdoor Watering Schedule on this site for watering instructions. We also ask that you refrain from watering your lawn the day before the mowers are scheduled to come to your neighborhood.

Fall and Winter mowing schedules are every other week on your normal lawn mowing day listed above.